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Under direction, enforces local, state, and federal animal cruelty, animal control, animal nuisance and rabies laws. Emphasis on the work is in leading investigations on allegations of animal cruelty, and providing training and lead worker guidance to new staff in the more complex aspects of the work. Also, employees in this classification are required to operate the facilityís incinerator and to assist other public safety staff in the regulatory compliant disposal of illegal and other disposable substances. Performs a variety of tasks to provide adequate food, medication and a clean, safe environment for animals in the animal control shelter.


The list of essential functions, as outlined herein, is intended to be representative of the tasks performed within this classification. It is not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of an essential function does not preclude management from assigning duties not listed herein if such functions are a logical assignment to the position.

Responds to calls and investigates complaints of injured or nuisance domestic and wild animals that pose a physical threat to the public; rescues animals from public areas such as manholes, culverts, ponds and roadways.

Leads and initiates investigations on cruelty complaints to determine compliance with animal control ordinance including: seizing animals, transporting animals to vet for evaluation and/or treatment, providing owner with Notification of Impoundment, housing animals at the shelter until the court date, and serving the owner with citations or warrants for their arrest; documents scene by taking photographs or sketching, completing a written report and documenting and housing evidence seized in the case.

Issues citations for violations of animal control ordinance or petitions for warrants on misdemeanor or felony charges; maintains field notes and information to complete incident reports on cases to be processed and sent to court to back up citations.

Provides training and lead worker guidance to newer staff in the more complex aspects of the work, e.g., investigation methods and techniques, case file documentation and management, State and Federal regulatory standards, laws and requirements.

Patrols designated areas of the County to locate and pick up stray, injured, vicious, potentially rabid or dead animals; Checks animals for any form of identification and assists with notifying the owner of animalís whereabouts.

Interviews citizens and files report when a domestic or wild animal bites someone; completes reports on animal bites.

Houses animal for rabies quarantine or prepares specimen from biting animal by removing the head of the animal after euthanasia and transporting the specimen to state lab for rabies testing.

Completes documentation for bites categorized as potentially dangerous or dangerous dogs, including attending Potentially Dangerous Dog and/or Dangerous Dog hearings before the Animal Control Board and, if animal is declared as one of those categories, follows up to ensure compliance to applicable County Ordinance and State Law.

Enforces leash laws by issuing verbal and written warnings, issuing citations or by taking out state warrants.

Loads, delivers, sets and baits animal traps; removes captured animals from traps set by the County and citizens.

Coordinates with local police, fire, sheriff's office, and other departments on animal related problems such as owner arrests, police raids, evictions, vehicle accidents, fires, unhealthy, unsanitary environments with potential hazardous exposure to employees to include but not limited to Meth Labs, Animal Hoarder, and other emergencies where animals are involved or need to be removed; responds to disasters or emergency situations as requested by Cobb County Homeland Security.

Serves as dispatcher, answering the phone, taking complaints, messages, entering data into the computer to update the status of a call and giving information to the public about animal control policies; maintains files and evidence for court cases.

Provides food and water for animals in the kennel and maintains cages in a clean and sanitary manner; administers medication, vaccinations, and other procedures to insure the animal's health; transports stray injured or sick animals to area vet clinics for evaluation and treatment.

Assists the public at the counter with adoption, reclaims, and other general information as required; answers telephone inquiries regarding specific animals and the operation of the kennels.

Completes and updates description cards on each animal picked up to comply with state agriculture requirements.

Restrains wild and/or dangerous animals without harming the animal or employee.

Operates the carbon monoxide euthanasia chamber to euthanize unadoptable animals.

Operates the incinerator to dispose of carcass of animal euthanized at the shelter, vet, or picked up dead on the roadway; Assists police and other governmental agencies by incinerating drugs and drug paraphernalia using the incinerator.

Attends hearings and meetings to assist public on animal control issues to include Animal Control Board meetings, Town Hall meetings and Board of Commissioner meetings.

Testifies regarding animal control cases in Magistrate, State, Superior Courts and the Grand Jury.

Conducts training at local schools and for civic groups and the general public on proper pet care and responsibility.

Monitors the animals and reports any unusual behaviors or illness.

Maintains and completes minor repairs to the property and equipment including the barn, barnyard area, gas chamber, incinerator and cooler area.

Assists the public at the counter with adoption, reclaims, and other general information as required; answers inquiries regarding specific animals and operation of the kennels.

Maintains attendance and punctuality within customary tolerances for this position.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Restraint & Capture Equipment Vehicle Medications & Needles
Microchip Scanner & Injector Office Equipment Washer/Dryer
Cages & Traps Camera Respirators
Horse & Cattle Panels/Trailer Incinerator Protective/Safety Equipment
Carbon Monoxide Euthanasia Chamber


High School diploma or GED; supplemented by three years progressively knowledgeable and skilled experience as an Animal Control Officer, with demonstrated leadership skills and broad knowledge of animal cruelty investigative principles, methods and techniques; or an equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience.

Valid Driverís License class C.



Knowledge of proper care, feeding and handling of various types of domestic and exotic animals, livestock and wildlife.

Knowledge of a wide variety of species of domestic and exotic animals, livestock and wildlife, and their habits and typically presented diseases.

Knowledge of applicable state, federal and local laws, rules, ordinances and regulatory standards applicable to the work.

Knowledge of animal cruelty investigative principles, methods and techniques, and case management principles for the purpose of preserving evidence and establishing documentation and an audit trail for prosecutorial purposes.

Skill in the safe use and proper utilization of animal capture and restraint tools, equipment, traps, and devices.

Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.

Ability to speak effectively before public groups and respond to questions.

Ability to detect aberrant or otherwise abnormal animal behaviors, symptoms of rabies, symptoms of parvo virus, and other routinely encountered animal illnesses.

Ability to handle dangerous animals without injury to self or animals.

Ability to read and interpret various documents such as safety rules, operation and maintenance instructions, procedure manuals, and related documentation.

Ability to provide lead worker training and guidance to newer staff in the more complex and essential functions of the work.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and communications with co-workers, volunteers, civic and related interest groups, and the general public.


While performing the essential functions of this job, the incumbent is regularly required to lift, move or carry objects up to 100 pounds; utilize feet and legs or hands and arms; maintain body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, crouching, or navigating surfaces; bend body downward and forward by bending spine and legs; move about on hands and knees or hands and feet; use hands to finger, handle or feel objects; and to reach with hands and arms.

While performing the essential functions of this position the employee is frequently exposed to fumes, odors, or airborne particles, toxic or caustic substances, excessive noise, temperature extremes, dampness/humidity, confrontational persons, animals, and various forms of wildlife.